S&R Technology Group Active PDF Solutions

ActivePDF is a product which allows the generation of PDF files on the fly directly from information displayed on web pages.

Images can be placed on PDF files, text can be added to existing files and form data can be submitted to forms to fill in forms.


1. Golf Score Card:
This next example takes 60 fields of information regarding a golf score card and places them on a PDF file. Click here to view the blank version of the score card

Select Score card to display in PDF:
MP3 Stuff:
1. Aiwa Skin
2. Aqua Skin
3. Itune Skin
4. Simple Bar Skin
5. Wimpy Bar Skin
6. Wimpy Horizontal Skin
7. Wimpy Micro Skin
8. Wimpy Mini Skin
9. Wimpy Nano Skin
10. Wimpy Plain Skin
11. Wimpy Vertical Skin
12. Winamp Vertical Skin
13. IPOD Skin

Online Database for listing Music

International Audio Registration

Tagging Standard ID3v2